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Typical Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy with Maire consists of one-to-one sessions which are focussed on your specific needs. These sessions are completely confidential, and there is an initial free half hour consultation to establish an appropriate therapy plan for you.

During a Hypnotherapy session you will remain aware of what takes place, and will not say or do anything you don’t wish to. You can take yourself out of hypnosis at any time.

When appropriate, a recording of the hypnotherapy will be made during the session (at no extra charge) and provided for you to listen to between sessions, to reinforce and increase the effectiveness of the changes you are making.

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How many sessions?

For smoking and weight control there are standard packages available, as outlined below. For other treatments usually only four sessions are required to bring about a lasting and positive change, and for some conditions one session is sufficient. Maire guarantees not to ask you to commit to any sessions beyond those you require.

Weight Control

Usually people try Hypnotherapy because they have already tried many different methods for trying to lose weight without success. It may be because there are emotional and underlying issues that prevent successful change.

Through hypnosis you can change perceptions of how you have felt in the past and your eating habits, creating a present & future in which you can become slimmer, stay in control of what you eat, and manage emotional eating tendencies.

Fee £45 per session or £200 per 5 session program

Stop Smoking Program

Consciously, you may have the desire to stop smoking, but something still drives you towards negative behaviors and habits.

Through hypnotherapy I can help you with your determination and motivation to stop smoking and stay stopped for good.

Of course you have to want to stop, and that is where hypnosis can help you by reducing any cravings, and helping you to focus on all the reasons why you want to stop.

Fee £125 – covers initial session and a follow up session when required

» Hypnotherapy - frequently asked questions

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